Access Imagery and Elevation

The ACT Government is committed to open government and open data. The release of government data creates opportunities for innovative use and reuse of data, and allows the commercial, research and community sectors to add value. Releasing government data also assists government in making evidence-based policy and service delivery decisions and supports increased citizen participation in government.

Please refer to the Data Terms and Conditions for more information about how to utilise the information provided on this website.


The ACT Government regularly undertakes aerial photography of the ACT for mapping and planning purposes. Aerial photography from 1955 to 2018 is available free on ACTmapi however please refer to each imagery capture for more details on the license.

Since February 2019 the ACT has committed to supplying Seasonal Urban Aerial Imagery to the community. Additionally, in Spring the entire ACT area is captured. This imagery is available under the CCBY license with attribution “Australian Capital Territory and Spookfish Australia Pty Ltd”.

Year Month Extent Resolution License
2020 21 January Urban 5cm CCBY “Australian Capital Territory and Spookfish Australia Pty Ltd”
2019 22 October and 22 November Whole ACT 5cm CCBY “Australian Capital Territory and Spookfish Australia Pty Ltd”
2019 19 June Urban 5cm CCBY “Australian Capital Territory and Spookfish Australia Pty Ltd”
2019 9 February Urban 5cm CCBY “Australian Capital Territory and Spookfish Australia Pty Ltd”
2018 19 March Urban 10cm CCBY “Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd and Australian Capital Territory”
2017 May Whole 10cm CCBY “Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd and Australian Capital Territory”
2016 26 March Urban 10cm CCBY “Australian Capital Territory"
2015 23 and 26 March Whole 20cm RGBN CCBY “Australian Capital Territory"
2014 21 February and 14 April Urban 10cm Copyright AUSIMAGE Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd, trading as Jacobs. All rights reserved. Jacobs is the owner and supplier of this aerial imagery
2012 25 February and 5 May Whole 10cm Copyright AAM Pty Limited
2009 March Urban 10cm Copyright AAMHatch
2004 May Urban Copyright AUSIMAGE Sinclair Knight Merz Pty. Ltd, trading as Jacobs
1955 January City Centre CC

Digital Elevation Data and Near Infrared Imagery

In 2015 the Territory captured LiDAR* and Near Infrared Imagery**, resulting in a highly accurate 3D dataset, which was provided to the public under an open license (CC BY “Australian Capital Territory”).

To access the 2015 LIDAR please use

In 2020 the survey will be repeated with better resolution of both the LIDAR and Near Infrared Imagery. The data will be available through an open license (CCBY “Australian Capital Territory and Aerometrex Limited”). The data should be available for distribution in July 2020 utilising the link above.

These datasets have been of significant value to:

* LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is an optical remote-sensing technique that uses laser to densely sample the surface of the earth, producing highly accurate x,y,z measurements. LiDAR, primarily used in airborne laser mapping applications and is emerging as a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying techniques such as photogrammetry. LiDAR produces mass point cloud datasets that can be managed, visualized, analysed, and shared using the GIS software ACT Government staff currently have access to.

** Near Infrared imagery differs from a normal red/green/blue (RGB) image, in that it adds an additional near infrared bands that the naked eye is unable to distinguish. By combining this 4th band the analyst or machine can determine signatures of specific vegetation like weeds, algae or a single species of vegetation, and can determine soil moisture content and the presence of fire.